Friday, July 29, 2011

THE LOST CAVALRY "Desert Tracks"

Last time we came across The Lost Cavalry, almost a year to the day, they were amongst freezing waves and roaring seas. Here they are amongst scorched deserts and sand dunes but the sound that made that debut EP so inviting is still wonderfully intact despite the geographic shift. The London-based five-piece have not been idle in the twelve months since “Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills”: running a club night, adding guest Hammond organ to the Christmas Number One That Never Was ('Motherfuckers' by The Loves), gigging around the capital this summer and writing the original score to “quirky UK indie comedy” film “Booked Out”. And although a single song feels paltry after the wait at least there is a second EP not far behind (due for release in October, although this “is unfortunately slipping already...”)

But what a song “Desert Tracks” is. Although ominous of subject matter (a song about “abandoned diamond mines, Namibia, sand and horses” with the line “we’ll be lucky if we make it out alive / run while you can”) it has the same breezy, uplifting arc as the first EP, a rolling indie-folk caravan of mandolin, concertina and marching drums. The similarities to Fanfarlo (lead Cavalry man Mark West’s former group) are still there but increasingly The Lost Cavalry sound like their own band. Highly recommended. And maybe sometime soon The Lost Cavalry caravan will travel a bit further North?

Desert Tracks is self-released on the band’s own Two Six Heave label. It is available digitally (officially) from Monday.

The Lost Cavalry Desert Tracks [BUY]

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