Sunday, July 24, 2011


Telephones Rouges were formed in 2007 in a small town near Pontevedra on Spain’s North Western coast. Prevailing Atlantic winds have clearly blown a whole history of underground rock their way for Telephones Rouges seem intent on squeezing five decades of musical references into this one EP, their third release. Hence you’ll hear post-punk, shoe-gaze, psyche-rock, garage and krautrock all in the blender with the resulting mix served up with a righteous punk anger.

The EP kicks off with the raw surf-punk guitars and new wave keyboards of ‘Helio’. A yelped vocal suggests abandon as much as anger but any sense of delirious fun is dashed in a brutal and ear-bashing climax (much like the finale to the revenge tale video that accompanies it). ‘Du Bist Dran’, sung in German, maintains the frenzy of its predecessor’s conclusion but with denser, thrashing guitars and terser shouting (mainly emphasising the word "angst" - no translation needed). ‘Sr Ruiz’ puts the buzz-saw guitars into Sonic Youth overdrive with even more anguished screaming.

The fast-paced, droning krautrock groove of ‘Toma o Caminho’ sounds like Electrelane covering The Stooges or the more contemporary Wooden Shjips. ‘Morte Como Solución’ invokes the proto-punk intensity of Pere Ubu and Suicide or fried acid-rock à la Spacemen 3. In their brain-melting and decade-hopping twenty minute trip, Telephones Rouges also manage to shame the monolingual by singing – no screaming – in Galician, Spanish and German. However it’s not their language skills that stand out but their angry channelling of myriad underground influences into this noisy garage-kraut-punk hybrid.

“Radiocontrol” is the first release on new Barcelona label Mama Vynila Records, available on 10” vinyl limited to 500 copies or free of charge via Bandcamp since “distribution of this kind of music is our main objective”. A worthy aim successfully delivered with release numero uno.

Telephones Rouges Radiocontrol [BUY]

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