Wednesday, March 26, 2008


"Do you really need to keep that?" is a question I have been asked all my life; and the answer is invariably "yes". Hence the notion of The Archive. It's more that just a record and CD collection; it's a justification for keeping all the shit I've accumulated.

Gig t-shirts come into this category. Some last for years, some only a couple of washes. And then there are the red T-shirts. Red is just not my colour. My pale, pasty skin (too much time spend indoors) looks EVEN MORE washed-out in red. Mrs A has had to veto any more red clothes. But what to do with all the red gig t-shirts? Especially when spring cleaning?

Well the answer is obvious. Take then out of the draw. Re-fold them. And put them away again. Because yes I really do need to keep them.

Sonic Youth
Washing Machine [BUY]

British Sea Power
The Decline of British Sea Power [BUY]

Saturday, March 01, 2008


The hardest working band touring the UK at the moment? Back in Manchester but alas without dancer-cheerleader-mascot Volvo who went out for a pizza after a recent gig and never came back (I did see a woman nearly in tears at the news).

The usual bag of tricks from the band; added to tonight's repetoire was playing all their singles in chronological order. Nice touch - but "Dog Like You" should have been a single. And threw in a few new songs too like "The Start of the Century", "the Rainbow and The Cloud" and "Television's (?) People". One new song was described as "indie jazz" - luckily it wasn't.

The set-list:
The Long Conveyor Belt
She Fills The Spaces
How Did You Manage To Get Inside My Head?
Smart Guys Wear Ties
I'm Cool With A Capital C
Night Time Better Than Daytime
Hey Man
The Story of Love
Fashion Parade
The Start of The Century
Television's People
We Do! Do We? We Do!
A Dog Like You
Between You and Me
The Day The Kids Went Radioactive
Serious Thing
The Rainbow and The Cloud
Two Brains
Elevator Escalator Stairs
Never Stops Never Rests Never Sleeps
(and Crumpled Up Guy somewhere in second half)
The Black Hole [BUY]
Fashion Parade single [BUY]