Wednesday, March 26, 2008


"Do you really need to keep that?" is a question I have been asked all my life; and the answer is invariably "yes". Hence the notion of The Archive. It's more that just a record and CD collection; it's a justification for keeping all the shit I've accumulated.

Gig t-shirts come into this category. Some last for years, some only a couple of washes. And then there are the red T-shirts. Red is just not my colour. My pale, pasty skin (too much time spend indoors) looks EVEN MORE washed-out in red. Mrs A has had to veto any more red clothes. But what to do with all the red gig t-shirts? Especially when spring cleaning?

Well the answer is obvious. Take then out of the draw. Re-fold them. And put them away again. Because yes I really do need to keep them.

Sonic Youth
Washing Machine [BUY]

British Sea Power
The Decline of British Sea Power [BUY]

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Andy said...

I don't think I could wear red either. Not that I've ever tried - always black, or white at a push. I just don't think I could pull of being that bold!