Saturday, April 05, 2008


I'm not a sentimental type but recent events amongst family and friends (involving family pets, turning 40 and themed cakes) have caused grown men and women to start blubbing publicly. And it's difficult not to be moved.

And the bloggers seem to be joining in too. First DominoRally posts Jim Reeves' "Old Tige" and then Moistworks posts "See The Big Man Cry" by Charlie Louvin. Spoken word personal histories, death and family pets: all great topics to bring a lump to the throat.

So here are my contributions to songs sentimental and teary - all guaranteed to start me claiming "I've just got something in the corner of my eye..."

The emotional damage this wreaked on a nine year child listening to the charts in 1974 still lingers.
Terry Jacks [BUY]

As uplifting as it is moving and sentimental - nothing short of genius (and don't even mention the fact that Clarence was blind)
Clarence Carter [BUY]

First heard this recently on St Etienne's Songs For Mario's Cafe . A children's choir AND a woman crying. Thank god I didn't hear it when I was nine....
Ruth Copeland [BUY]

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