Thursday, April 17, 2008


You wait years for your favourite Californian slo-core band to turn up. Then they announce they are playing your home town on their UK tour. And then minutes before you leave on the night of the gig you get this message:

We're really sorry to have to tell you at such short notice but we're afraid that the Radar Bros. gig at the Music Box tonight has been cancelled. We're raging about the whole thing to be honest and the band are really disappointed - it's the promoter that's decided to pull the gig and there's nothing we've been able to do to convince him to change his mind. The band are coming to Manchester anyway, in order to do a live Marc Riley session this evening on 6 Music but we're afraid that the gig won't be going ahead as planned.

What a pisser. Not only really looking forward to this gig, I was downright intrigued what Radar Bros would be like live. I haven't followed them closely since The Singing Hatchet in 1999 until this year's album Auditorium - but have always enjoyed their dreamy almost soporific melodic songs. And that's part of the problem - sometimes listening to an album I lost track of the music and couldn't recall the last three songs at all. But Auditorium has proved different so far. Ah well just will have to imagine what it would have been like - and hang on for another five years.

Radar Bros
The Singing Hatchet [BUY]

Radar Bros
Auditorium [BUY]

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