Sunday, December 19, 2010


When Patterns traded under their previous moniker of Elmo Logic they claimed to be a band who “like to play loud music in dimly lit rooms”. And as their name has had a make-over so have those dimly lit rooms. For on the New Noise EP, Patterns are now inhabiting a light and spacious loft apartment with colour-drenched canvases adoring the walls. On these four songs they are catching at the tailcoats of this year’s Deer Hunter or Toro Y Moi albums. This is immediately evident from the blissful textures of ‘Broken Train’, delicately floating vocals over sleigh bells and pulsing guitars. The soothing waft of ‘Wrong Two Words’ and then ambient drift of ‘New Noise’ progressively slow things down before sombre steady throb ‘Fly to NY’ completes the record. There’s plenty of this stuff about in 2010 but it’s good to hear a new young Manchester band taking on the Yanks at their own game and coming up trumps.

In fact if this released on Captured Tracks, Car Park or Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label it would probably be guaranteed some hipster endorsement on both sides of the Atlantic. As it is, it is released on Pull Yourself Together Records a new venture from Dan Feeney and Hannah Bayfield who also produce the PYT fanzine, promote gigs and run a weekly club night. Clearly they need something to fill those few remaining waking hours. New music writer par excellence The Pigeon Post also set up a DIY label Duck Tapes recently, claiming it was an inevitable, even clichéd, step from music reviewing and blogging. In both cases nothing there is nothing inevitable about it. It takes great effort and thoughtful planning with little reward to set up a label no matter how micro. But it couldn’t been more affordable to support both initiatives. The Patterns EP is free to download or you can grab a limited edition CD version for £2.50; and the three Duck Tapes EPs are all £1 for digital download (posted only for a limited time though).

And looking ahead to the New Year, Patterns play the first of a new club night from Manchester Scenewipe at Fuel Cafe Bar, Withington Manchester on 7 January alongside With That Knife and Beat The Radar. And more too-good-to-be-true value for money, it’s free entry.

Patterns - Broken trains by pullyourselftogether

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