Monday, July 05, 2010

WINDMILL "Ellen Save Our Energy" EP

Matthew Thomas Dillon (aka Windmill) claimed at the end of last year he would be taking an indefinite break from music. A live appearance at May’s Sounds From The Other City festival and news that work on a third album is scheduled for this year seems to suggest this break was shorter than I at first feared. This is a huge relief. Windmill’s second album “Epcot Starfields” was one of my top five records of last year and the thought of no more Windmill albums to join this and 2007's “Puddle City Racing Lights” had been unbearable.

And whilst waiting that new record, released today is this EP from Windmill. There’s no new music but lead track ‘Ellen Save Our Energy’ (“an anthem about our collective hopes and imperfections”) is worth admission price alone if you don’t already own it.

In addition on the EP there are three remixes of two of the other tracks from "Epcot Starfields", a 15-minute interview in which Windmill answers questions from fans and the videos for ‘Ellen Save Our Energy’ and ‘Big Boom’.

Those remixes: “New York’s Pocket adds beats and synths to 'Big Boom'; Munich-based trio Saroos bring crashing post-rock soundscapes and spare acapella vocals to album track 'IMAX Raceway'; and Finnish brothers Gentleman Losers deliver a gently flowing, rose-tinted remix of 'Big Boom'”. Nice extras to have - and the last one is the best for my money - but it’s that lead song you need - either from the EP release or from the original album.

Ellen Save Our Energy EP [BUY]
Epcot Starfields [BUY]

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