Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This from last month's Chimp Magazine: The project of “one man and his assortment of randomly acquired instruments, ranging from frog guiros to pre-school toy drum kits”, Invisible Elephant (aka Blackpool’s Rob Blunden) delivers a collection of largely instrumental songs that teeter between psyche-folk drift, shoegaze haziness and occasional post-rock forcefulness. In this heady abstract world, found sounds and spectral vocals weave in and out of natural and synthesized instruments inspired as much by existentialist Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami as by noisemeisters like My Bloody Valentine. These are not immediate toe-tapping pop songs but for the adventurous listener with a patient ear they exert a curious and compelling attraction. Not so much a sunny stroll along Blackpool’s Golden Mile; more a spooky trip through the Hall of Mirrors, with distorted surprises hidden in each and every corner.

The 7 track “The Lights Go Out” album is available digitally via Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want basis or as a limited edition CDr packaged in a recycled chipboard sleeve, hand numbered and hand stamped, via Sonic Reverie with two extra tracks.

<a href="http://invisible-elephant.bandcamp.com/track/communication-part-ii">Communication (Part II) by Invisible Elephant</a>

<a href="http://invisible-elephant.bandcamp.com/track/wind-up-bird">Wind-Up Bird by Invisible Elephant</a>

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