Thursday, September 04, 2008


One of the many delightful aspects of Sing Ye From The Hillsides! was the idea of a Mix CD Bran Tub. Everyone attending was invited to bring a mix CD (no other criteria) to swap on the Sunday (see here for other items suggested to bring).

As I said two posts again, I couldn't stay for the Sunday so don't think there was any formal 'ceremony'; but on Saturday morning a cardboard box was left in the entranceway to the pub and by the evening it was close to full with a variety of CDs.

So I put my CD in. And then I didn't quite do the-properly-random-lucky-dip approach. Instead I grabbed in one go four different CDs and quickly looked them over.

Nico's Mix CD won on two counts. The first was the cover: a simple line drawing on a white background in a slimline jewel case. It was appealing, personalised and clearly put together with a degree of care (others simply had marker pen scrawled over a silver CDR) without being showy. The second was the track-listing.

Apart from Friska Viljor I hadn't heard of ANY of the bands on this sixteen track CD. And look: it has The New Violators from Norway! Cartridge from Denmark! And Velojet from Austria!

To me this is precisely the purpose of a compilation to hear new and unfamiliar music. I suspect Nico hails from continental Europe rather than these island shores; but wherever you are from and whoever you are Nico, my thanks. I don't know what songs on the CD I will continue to listen to; or what I will go on to buy; or what pales over time. But for now I'm just enjoying something new and different and refreshing. Salut! Danke!

Chris and the Other Girls

The New Violators

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