Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Lovely Day Tomorrow ...

Well I said here that I wasn't going to any festivals ...

But tomorrow is the start of Sing Ye From The Hillsides! a three day British Sea Power-curated festival for 200 people at Tan Hill Inn, Britain's highest pub (and see here for last year's report of BSP at Tan Hill Inn. And at least it's not November this year).

Entertainment for the weekend includes husky racing, duck-herding, a pub quiz, a tug of war and an attempt to record the loudest ever human voice. Plus the following instructions:

For all the brave folk coming to the Tan Hill Inn, we invite you all to bring along the following:
1) A Book – For a lucky dip book exchange
2) Mix CD – To be played on Tan Hill stereo, and for a lucky dip Mix CD exchange
3) Piece of wood – For the bonfire
4) Firework – For Hamilton's firework display
5) Cushion – The barn will be a makeshift cinema during the daytime so make yourself comfortable.
6) Card/Board Games – If you so wish
7) Special outfit, which you think embodies BSP – For drunken catwalk competition

So bags are packed, outfits chosen, and the weather outlook (see here) is looking good.

British Sea Power allied with The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa
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