Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lose Big?

So everyone tells me “that hip hop bloke” is a shoe-on. Certainly Ladbrokes think so. With Burial (‘that hip-hop bloke’) at 4/7 odd last time I looked.

Anyway out of loyalty to British Sea Power (but the money goes to Ladbrokes?) I’ve put a bet on BSP. I think it is so unlikely given the recent voting history of the award that BSP even stand a chance as an outside bet but here goes (remember here I suggested Last Shadow Puppets were the likely winner).

So not a betting person but these odds (and my sense of allegiance) demand a shout for Do You Like Rock Music? Let’s see what happens tonight …

The Mercury Music Prize BBC2 10pm

Eef Barzelay
Lose Big [BUY]


Anonymous said...

"shoe-in", not "shoe-on" - your missus would be apoplectic!

Bloody travesty - even Ms N said so and you know how much she likes them!

The Archivist said...

Spelling seems to going the wey ov mi hearing...