Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The back-story to Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies releasing their first album as Smoke Fairies reads like a fairy tale: childhood friends leave Sussex for a North American odyssey and end up recording with Jack White. However selective this re-telling of their story may be, there’s no denying the power of the spectral music they create. Debut album “Through Low Light and Trees” blends very English folk voices with a dark strain of Americana to make something brooding and quite special. If it's a fairy tale, it's quite a spooky one.

Piccadilly Records agree making the release one their albums of the year: "A stunning and enchanting collection from this folk duo. Ethereal and haunting this is on the dark side of traditional folk, think Sandy Denny or Vashti Bunyan but with a left-of-centre twist. Folk album of 2010!"

And ahead of tonight’s gig at the recently refurbished Ruby Lounge, Smoke Fairies play a free 20 minute acoustic session at the shop on Oldham Street at 5pm.

Tickets for tonight’s show are £7 in advance and support is from Sea of Bees and Pablo’s Finest Hour.

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