Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Since the early 90s Melt Banana having been bashing out their ultra-fast noise-rock, across six (or is it seven?) studio albums, several live and compilation discs and something like twenty-three EPs. Blending distorted guitars, layered effects and electronics and ear-piercing vocals, this is hardcore music in every sense – but with a keen sense of rock ‘n’ roll dynamics and a healthy dose of playful mischief.

Anarcho-punk rockers The Ex formed in the Netherlands in 1979. However they’ve spiralled way beyond this narrow description over the years throwing horns, free jazz and East European and African rhythms into the uncompromising and fertile mix.

Both bands are rabid collaborators, restless experimenters and with fearsome live reputations. They may have been playing for nearly fifty years between them but tonight’s concert is not about cosy retrospectives or playing it safe. Instead the newly re-opened Islington Mill will plays host to a night celebrating the loud and the unpredictable. See this great review from Brussels 2005 for more of what to expect from Melt Banana.

Tonight is a Pineapple Folk promotion. Support is from Jackdaw with Crowbar and Pocketknife and advance tickets are just £10.

Tonight is also the Manchester Blog Awards at The Deaf Institute. And I find myself in the curious position of having been nominated.

Celebrating gigs like this or music I feel passionate about is part of the reason for writing here but I regard it as a throwaway distraction, little more than a folly. So the recognition is flattering but I’m a bit embarrassed by it too. The awards will be held at The Deaf Institute with readings from author Chris Killen and DJing from James ‘Yer Mam!‘ Morton and Matthew ‘The Pigeon Post‘ Britton.

I’m still working out whether to attend the awards ceremony or to go and see Melt Banana. I’ll let you know which I do – and the awards results in the comments. In the meantime, if you voted for any of the nominees – thank you for taking the time and this is for you.

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The Archivist said...

Congratulations to the winners! They were Neighbourhood Blog:
Best Arts + Culture Blog:
Best New Blog:
Best Writing On A Blog:
Best Personal Blog:

Overall winner: joint award to Love Levenshulme + Fat Roland.

Sad not see on that list The Pigeon Post: