Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Despite the economic climate and swingeing public service cuts about to be introduced by the Coalition it seems that annual music industry jamboree In The City is unaffected and undaunted. Witness the 128 page A6 glossy full colour guide - hardly says ‘austerity measure’ does it? If these beauties have all gone you’ll have to make do with the obligatory iPhone app or if you have a mobile that has the functionality of an Early Learning Centre plaything like me, there’s always the downloadable pdf.

And once you downloaded your app or opened the guide, you will understand good planning is essential. As well as the higher profile headlining acts and thirty-strong unsigned bands in seventeen different venues across the main three days of the conference proper there are a myriad of fringe events and showcases which stretch over Saturday and Sunday too.

The joy of In The City is making your own discoveries and your own mistakes. But for the truly lazy you could do worse than the following suggested timetables of ten bands for each day. These ain’t predictions of The Next Big Thing – but a jumbled miscellany of what I know is good and what I like the sound of, all with a strong local bias. You should also have a listen to In The City’s Soundcloud pages and hop over to The Pigeon Post for proper good band advice.

Wednesday 13 October

6.30 Advances in Mathematics [listen, watch]
7.10 Christopher Eatough [listen, watch]
8.00 Brasstronaut [listen, watch]
8.00 Young British Artists [listen, watch]
8.20 Mazes [listen, watch]
8.50 Dog Is Dead [listen, watch]
9.40 Oh No Ono [listen, watch]
10.10 Dry The River [listen, watch]
10.40 Brown Brogues [listen, watch]
11.20 Oberhofer [listen, watch]

Thursday 14 October

7.00 Beans on Toast [listen, watch]
7.45 Songs For Walter [listen, watch]
8.00 Catherine AD [listen, watch]
8.30 worriedaboutsatan [listen, watch]
9.20 D/R/U/G/S [listen, watch]
9.40 Stricken City [listen, watch]
10.00 Golden Glow [listen, watch]
10.30 Exlovers [listen, watch]
10.50 Pulled Apart By Horses [listen, watch]
12.50 Ed Wood Jr [listen, watch]

Friday 15 October

Friday has got some exceptional programming from local labels/promoters in specific venues so my recommendation here is pick your night and stick to it.

Suffering Jukebox at Trof NQ
5.00 The Sun Electric Band [listen, watch]
6.00 Brown Brogues [listen, watch]

Akoustik Anarkhy vs Melodic Records at The Castle
7.10 Plank! [listen, watch]
8.00 Beat The Radar [listen, watch]
8.50 Working For A Nuclear Free City [listen, watch]
9.40 Standard Fare [listen, watch]
10.30 Windmill [listen, watch]

Now Wave at Band on The Wall
8.30 Dignan Porch [listen, watch]
9.20 Porcelain Raft [listen, watch]
10.10 Spectrals [listen, watch]
11.00 Yuck [listen, watch]

From Advances in Mathematics to Yuck. And somehow I’ve missed out Milk Maid (Friday 8.10pm Soup Kitchen) and Tim and Sam’s Tim And The Sam Band With Tim and Sam (Wednesday 11pm Band On The Wall) and no doubt many, many more. No austerity measures here – just a wealth of music.

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