Thursday, May 14, 2009

There are two ways to read fortune map. And I don't know either.

This is the community hall in Norway where Je Suis Animal recorded their debut album: "Incarcerated, due to the risk of being eaten alive by hungry wolves and grouchy bears, we recorded 13 songs". If you had asked me what a Norwegian community hall looked like, this is pretty much what I would come up with. But it doesn't tell you the full story of their wonderful music; it hints at the spooky psychedelia but not the glorious technicolour indie-pop side of the band.
I wrote this short review of their song "Fortune Map" in March and have been fairly obsessed by the song ever since.

And now you can buy it not just on the highly recommended album "Self-Taught Magic From A Book" (released in the UK at the end last year) but as of last month also on seven inch vinyl:

We have two 7" singles out! First up 'The Mystery of Marie Roget/Secret Place' on 7" vinyl. Available from the Angular Shop. And we also have 'Fortune Map' out on a split single with Glasgow's finest Wake The President, released on Lucky Number Nine/Electric Honey Records. Available from Lucky Number Nine Records.

Ignore my cliched reviewing and buy the singles. I don't think Je Suis Animal will gain mass appeal and owning these early seven inch singles will therefore earn you a fortune on eBay; this is just bloody good music that deserves to be played more often and by more people.

Je Suis Animal
Self-Taught Magic From A Book [BUY or BUY]

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