Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I associate the rather special Alcopop Records with, as their name suggests, fizzy and intoxicating short, sharp shocks (goFASTER, Stars and Sons etc.). But here is something of a different strength and flavour: My First Tooth. The band are formed around core duo of singer-songwriter Ross Witt and violinist Sophie Galpin but on record and on tour increase (up to) an eight-piece. I reviewed their six song debut EP ' My First Tooth and The Rubies' here, finding much to admire in their "wistful, warm-hued indie-folk not unlike the acoustic Americana of an Okkervil River or Wilco".

For a first record and a young band they are remarkably mature and accomplished song-writers - more single malt whisky than WKD. Definitely ones to watch.

And continuing the Alcopop-related news, the label are releasing another of their Alcopopular compilations this month and I have just signed up to this venture:
We’re looking for a limited number of people based on Twitter, who fancy getting their reviewer hats on and tweeting reviews of each song (in 140 characters or less) each day in run up to the release.
I've been experimenting with Twitter for a few weeks now trying to work out whether it is fun, fraud or the future. Still unsure. But in the meantime this daily tweeting/reviewing will help me reverse the sad decline from regular to less regular to irregular tweets. I hope.

My First Tooth
My First Tooth and the Rubies EP [BUY]

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