Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Keith John Adams' new album UNCLEVER is officially available in the UK this month. "Officially available" however appears to mean the same as before - order it via kja's website or MySpace page and once paid he'll post you one. I did this earlier this year (when saw it was released in the USA on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records) and got this little note:

Whether you will get a note or not now, I cannot say. However if you do order a copy (and I really would recommend it) you get a fine record of infectiously good indie guitar pop and all for the unbelievably good value of £5. Including post and packaging. Beat that major labels.

The album is in the same vein as kja's 2005 release PIP - but with more guitars. The kiddie piano/toy box percussion moves aside to make way for lots of stomping guitar riffs - every song has it's own big hook. It's not lofi (recorded in Athens GA with Jason Nesmith) but has an intimacy and charm of someone playing at home with friends for fun. And as well as the catchy hooks it has bags of wide-eyed exuberance as it stomps through 12 tracks in a breezy 35 minutes. A real winner.

Keith John Adams
Unclever [BUY - and you really should]

Keith with band is playing in London this Thursday at The Gramaphone, Commercial Street, London E1 - book tickets HERE

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