Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A one-off British Sea Power gig sandwiched after 50+ date US tour and before Festival summer appearances PLUS happening in the North West of England PLUS on my birthday EQUALLED a road-trip from Manchester to sunny Morecambe.

Unfortunately it wasn't sunny. It was pouring with rain. And it was very windy on the promenade. However did manage find some shelter in Sam's Fish Bar for a spot of warmth and a large plate of good ol' British sustenance before the gig:

First visit to Morecambe and boy does it need it regeneration. I thought it would be 'quaint', 'neglected', all faded grandeur and hidden charms. Nope, it was just a dump. A depressed seaside town that could have been Hastings or Rhyl or Blackpool.

So Morecambe Dome. Well if you look at the venue's listing (here) this is clearly a case of a "credible" band playing an 'ironic' venue. Surely. Or maybe being so close the Lake District the Dome was a source of early inspiration for the band growing up. Childhood Memories anyone?

And guess what? It is a DOME. From the outside it is definitely a faded/neglected relic (from the 70s?) looking suspiciously like a roller-disco. Inside it is slightly better. Mainly because it is dark and beer is available to buy. There is a stage formed at one 'side' of the Dome with a level floor in front, tiered seating at the opposite side, and then a bar to one side. The ceiling of the Dome is transparent plastic that appears to be filled with corrugated cardboard. Capacity of about 800-1000 at a guess.

BSP were on at 9.30pm and played a pretty similar set to those on UK dates in January mixing lots from new album Do You Like Rock Music? with some older songs. Competent but a little lack-lustre in terms of atmsophere; not helped by a fairly sparse crowd. Did pick up towards the end but overall enjoyable rather than exceptional.

Only surprises were finishing with Lately/Rock in A and also a rendition of Happy Birthday Ronald played apparently for Yan's Dad who was 84 last week. But come on people! We know whose birthday it was today don't we?

During Rock in A, Noble went walkabout over the heads of the crowd (fairly brave given the large gaps) and took the air raid siren with him. Not sure if this was the intended rock 'n' roll pose he was aiming for:

Lights Out For Darker Skies
Waving Flags
Down on the Ground
Happy Birthday Ronald
Remember Me
Canvey Island
The Great Skua
Larsen B
A Trip Out
No Lucifer
The Spirit of St Louis
Lately/Rock in A

British Sea Power
Do You Like Rock Music? [BUY]

British Sea Power
Childhood Memories single [SEEK]

I would write about support band Djune but it would be a waste of effort beyond saying I hated them: competent musicians but bland songs. Third-rate metal played by indie rock kids. Except when they brought on the acoustic guitar (then it was third rate stadium rock played by etc. etc.). And then they MURDERED New Order's Blue Monday. And they had dire banter. Get the picture? All of which means they will be huge this time next year.

Finally thanks to Mr P for the driving, the ticket and arranging the sing-song.


Anonymous said...

You're very welcome.

And I concur fully - of the 15 or so times we have seen BSP, that is probably firmly lodged in the bottom 3. Not because it was a bad gig - it just never really took off like most of the rest have.

Not helped by the total awfulness of Djune who put me in a bad mood to start with!

Keep up the good work,
Mr P.

Jimmy Rimmer said...

3rd rate metal? you need your ears checkin, it sounded like alternate rock & pop to me. djune played well as did BSP, it was proberbly the hot chick who turned you down that put you in a bad mood because you're such a retard.

the only thing i think your correct on is that they will be massive this time next year, and you'll still be hugging tree's and praying that captain beefheart will return. damn hippies!

The Archivist said...

Jimmy - sorry we disagree. That's music for you. But I'm not alone. Follow this thread:

Captain Beefheart post?! Now that's a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Word of advice Jimmy - if you're going to go around calling people retarded, I'd learn to spell first.

P R O B A B L Y = probably.

As for Djune being massive this time next year - I am constantly amazed by which bands "make it" and which don't but if Djune EVER get massive I'll walk through the streets of Manchester naked save for one of those awful Djune "Vibe" T-shirts.