Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We've Got Photographs Of Men On The Moon

A form of currency when I was young was the C90 cassette - either home-made compilations or with the John Peel show taped on them. This was the very early 80s when indie music meant 'independent'. Cherished amongst my tapes was the one with Red Guitars on. And in particular their first single Good Technology.

Red Guitars had many good songs but this was the stand-out. There's a good history of the first incarnation of the band here. If you want to finish the story best to read this too but the second album/second incarnation of the band just didn't measure up. I saw them (first incarnation) live in spring 84 at Liverpool Uni. They were meant to be supporting The Smiths but Morrissey's voice gave out so Red Guitars got the headline slot. My memory is pretty hazy but I remember how good they were and how powerful Good Technology was live. It's a great song that somehow manages to be prophetic and retro, optimistic and apocalyptic all at same time.

I kept that tape for an awful long time but managed to get hold of the 12" version of Good Technology in the early 90s in (of all places) Hull at Golden Oldies second gand shop on Princes Avenue. By this point I had the album Slow To Fade on CD but without that great first single. Good to see there is an re-issue (still self-released) that covers both - see below.

And for a hilarious thread about the crapness of record shops in Hull go here.

GOOD TECHNOLOGY (12" Vinyl rip)
Red Guitars
Self Drive Records SD008

Red Guitars
Slow To Fade

All re-released with the singles included on GOOD TECHNOLOGY [BUY] and, I quote, "Get a free natural cleaning solutions chart with every order"

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