Saturday, May 03, 2008


You can't go wrong with four bands for six quid. Well you can if a) the band you are going to see only gets a 30 minute slot and b) one of the other bands is Wild Beasts.

Arrived to catch the last few minutes of the final song by Spokes. Does exactly what it says on the post-rock tin. Sounded great - shame to miss them. Next up was Eyes Wide - noisy, punky, guitar thrash. None too subtle but this is where a 30 minute set works: similar but unfamiliar songs knocked out one after the other. Their roadie Tony tried to act as cheerleader/pied piper of pogo at several points but no-one was joining in. Again, none too subtle....

And then The Wave Pictures: in an eight song set they only played three from the new album which is out on Monday. Jonny the drummer claimed afterwards this is because "we have so many good songs". And he's right.

The three piece come across as unassuming even timid at first glance. And the first two songs felt a bit tentative. But they then nailed that chugging Modern Lovers rhythm perfectly for the rest of the set, only slowing it down for a ballad.

A sixty minute slot would have felt too short I reckon. And though the songs I didn't know (from the first album, future B-sides, new songs? Please enlighten me) were good, where was "Friday Night in Loughborough" or "Now We Are Pregnant"? In the end though, sheer enjoyment outweighs any frustration. So please come back to Manchester soon and stay a little longer next time.

Very rough set-list:
I Love You Like A Madman
Leave The Scene Behind
Baby It's Alright
We Dress Up Like Snowmen
Strange Fruit For David

The Wave Pictures
Instant Coffee Baby [BUY]

Which leaves Wild Beasts. Had previously seen them here and hadn't enjoyed it but prepared to give them a second chance. After all, they are signed to Domino who don't many mistakes do they? However they were terrible - again. A horrid mix of music hall, math-rock and Freddie Mercury. With braces. Got an appreciative response from the small-ish crowd but they lost me after the second song.

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