Tuesday, February 05, 2008


First time I've ever had ticket number one? Pete & The Pirates played The Roadhouse tonight as part of UK tour in advance of their album coming out on 18 February. Having seen them at the End of The Road Festival and being very impressed (see here) hopes were high for tonight's gig in Manchester.

But probably the shortest set I've ever heard from a headlining band. It was good - don't get me wrong - but woefully too short. The new album is about 35 minutes long - and I think the set was shorter. Surely not right? And only one crappy photo because camera phone decided to have a hissy fit.

Early part of set was quite quiet (band and crowd) but definitely picked up. They've got some great songs (see all their singles). I've been struggling to think of a comparison band - always a mistake. The nearest I can get is The Undertones: nervy, clattery guitars; strong melodies but equally strong punkishness; very short; all about girls. But very English.

I thought the audience were really passive (surprisingly so) but maybe lack of familiarlity with the material? Appreciative but subdued. The band did get more into their stride but was over before they started - and no encores. All done by 10 pm - a good 30 minutes before the club night that was meant to be the reason for the 10.30pm curfew.

So next time: more of the same but longer.

The one that was written in Manchester apparently...
Pete & the Pirates
Little Death [pre-order]

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