Friday, February 01, 2008


This was a competition winners-only event at BBC Radio Merseyside's performance space. Well the performance space was more like an office foyer with bright lighting with some amps and musical instruments shoved at one end. The lack of an obvious stage, the harsh lighting and no bar meant that most people (about 50 or 60 or so in attendance) were milling around until someone (a BBC Radio Merseyside DJ) introduced Clinic playing their first hometown gig in over 10 years. Clinic entered in the usual surgeon's masks, olive green North Korean-leader-style suits plus mop-top wigs. They played a no-nonsense, tight 45 minute set with five new songs including FREE NOT FREE which is available to download free today.

There might not have been much atmosphere due to the 'venue' but it was an impressive performance with the new songs fitting in well with classics like Cement Mixer and The Second Line. Great appetiser for the April UK tour (dates here).
This was the set-list:
Walking With Thee [BUY]

First single (available free from from new album DO IT (due 8 April)


Anonymous said...

It may be a good idea to correct our friends misguided comments above,this event was NOT for competition winners but an invited audience,It was NOT a gig but a recording session,The performance space is in fact a radio studio and not a "venue",This is used mainly to prerecord "sessions" to be played out at a later date,Legal requirements allow a small audience of 60/70 people hence no room for a stage(a feature enjoyed by Echo and the Bunnymen,Shack,China Crisis,The Christians,Rascals.The Maybes and many other great acts who have appeared recently)The "BBC Presenter" if you had taken the trouble to find out was Dave Monks who works tirelessly to bring such Quality to the airwaves and a "free" session to the many grateful and lucky fans who attend these recording events,Perhaps you may try somewhere like the Empire or the Philharmonic and pay to sit some distance away from the act if you want to have a drink and see a "Gig". This session was superb and free and everybody was made up with it,I know this because I Was there,Dave Monks keep it going!!.Brilliant

The Archivist said...

Glad to be corrected on all points(although my email from Domino Records tells me I am a "competiton winner"). Agree it was superb but as first time attendee at one of these sessions with no advance info, difficult to know what to expect. Will certainly listen in to Dave Monks in future.