Friday, September 14, 2012

NEW HIPS Split Milk / Love Hz

‘Love Hz’. Is that as in hertz the SI unit of frequency? Or a down-with-the-kids plural of H? Or is it an abbreviation for haze? If it is meant to be the latter, there’s nothing hazy about the music of Manchester’s art-rockers New Hips. Formed from the ashes of Deaf To Van Gogh’s Ear, the four piece are releasing this double A-side vinyl single in partnership with Baptists And Bootleggers. As you will remember the label, launched with support from Umbro Industries, has a mission to not only champion and release new music but to distribute it free of charge. So if you turn up for tonight’s free gig at 2022HQ in Manchester’s Northern Quarter you will also receive a free copy of said vinyl release (packaged in a 12” re-sealable polythene record sleeve with hand screen printed 36” x12” poster, an A6 insert and A3 wrap around sleeve. Art work is by Zia Chan and with band photography from Martin Wilson). To negate the need to read any further: it would be worth your while doing so if in the vicinity.

I saw New Hips live supporting I’m From Barcelona last September and though impressively energetic there was also an all-over-the-map unruliness to their songs at this first live encounter. Here on record they retain the prog-leaning bounciness and a lots-happening-at-once busyness but with more focus and more fun.

‘Split Milk’ lurches forward on cascading and duelling guitars - sometimes African jit, sometimes squally freakout - with breathy/breathless full-pelt vocals, and even a jazzy synth break AND a xylophone interlude. It’s like Battles or even Islet contained in a 4 min pop template. ‘Love Hz’ bundles pneumatic vocals with cowbell and bass line bounce, offset with cooing female backing harmonies. It holds back from Battles electronic glitchiness or Deerhoof angular waywardness but has the restless punch and explosive vigour of both. A bite-size (and free) introduction to the world of New Hips, this double AA side single delivers some infectiously joyful, cerebral music aimed at the feet and the fidgety. Highly recommended. And if you miss out on the vinyl, there's also a limited CD release of both songs with remixes. Also free.

New Hips
Love Hz/Split Milk [BUY]


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