Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Definitely thinner pickings in the first month of the year but still some choice gigs this January; mainly a selection of mid-weight, mid-tempo US guitar bands, lots of local talent plus the odd alt-folkie. Definitely not mid-anything is Wild Flag, the heavyweight indie super-group made up of members of Sleater-Kinney, Helium and The Minders cruising into Manchester on the last day of the month. And prior to that the pick of the local bands is American guitar rock-leaning Easter ("firing out like Neil Young versus Pavement and Sonic Youth" says Manchester Music). Their 'Something American' (featured below) was just crowned Number One in Song by Toad's Top Fifty Records of 2011 - not too shabby.

As ever a mixtape [54 mins / 62 MB] of bands playing Manchester this December to help inform your gig-going decision-making - link in the post below this one.

Mcr Gigs in Music Mixtape: January 2012

Wild Flag Romance [3.51] (31 Jan Sound Control BUY TICKETS)
Howler Back Of Your Neck [7.00] (30 Jan Deaf Institute BUY TICKETS)
Milagres Here To Stay [10.08] (7 Jan Deaf Institute BUY TICKETS)
Cymbals Eat Guitars Definite Darkness [15.01] (7 Jan Deaf Institute BUY TICKETS)
Easter Something American [19.28](12 Jan Dulcimer BUY TICKETS)
Burning Buildings Wandering Bear [23.57] (6 Jan Fuel FREE)
Porcelain Raft Put Me To Sleep [27.47] (18 Jan The Ritz BUY TICKETS)
Trailer Trash Tracys Dies in 55 [30.36] (14 Jan Kraak BUY TICKETS)
The Early Years Like A Suicide [36.07] (31 Jan Kraak BUY TICKETS)
Casiokids Golden Years [40.06] (20 Jan Deaf Institute BUY TICKETS)
Francois and the Atlas Mountains Royan [44.19] (29 Jan The Castle BUY TICKETS)
Dan Haywood's New Hawks David in Cedars [50.25] (19 Jan Dulcimer BUY TICKETS)
A Winged Victory For The Sullen Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears [54.46] (14 Jan Academy 3 BUY TICKETS)

And not forgetting:
6 Jan Well Wisher Fuel / 7 Jan Maria and the Mirrors + Corpsekisser Kraak / 9 Jan Purson + Gnod Gullivers / 12 Jan Henry Rollins Bridgewater Hall / 13 Jan Shmoo + The Narrows Ruby Lounge / 14 Jan Brown Brogues + Great Waves Roadhouse / 18 Jan M83 The Ritz / 19 Jan Binary The Castle / 21 Jan Gary J Armstrong Night & Day / 21 Jan Denis Jones Band on the Wall / 22 Jan Foe The Castle / 22 Jan Laura J Martin Dulcimer / 23 Jan The Louche FC Band on the Wall / 26 Jan fin The Castle / 27 Jan The Secret Sisters Ruby Lounge / 27 Jan Baby Bird Band on the Wall / 30 Jan The Jon Cohen Experimental The Castle / 31 Jan Alejandro Toledo & The Magic Tombolinos Ruby Lounge / 31 Jan Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Band on the Wall

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