Friday, September 10, 2010


Akoustik Anarky appear to be settling in nicely to their new home for their monthly nights: the Ducie Bridge pub on Corporation Road. If you are in or around Manchester tonight, this gig is definitely one worth catching.

Nottingham's The Soundcarriers headline following the release of second album "Celeste" earlier this year. Described by Piccadilly Records as nodding "to a warm West Coast sound, under-pinned by a Kosmische/Can groove and topped off with a delicious female vox, bringing to mind the likes of Broadcast and Stereolab". Do you need any more recommendation?!

Excellent support from Wigan's The Maladies of Bellafontaine (I know: The Best. Name. Ever) and Liverpool's Nick Ellis. The latter is not familiar to me but according to AA he is ex of "frontman from Liverpool's greatest ever band - The Maybes?"

Plus aA DJ sets too - all this for just £5 advance.

The Soundcarriers
Celeste [BUY]


Anonymous said...

It's actually tomorrow night though - Saturday 11th September.

Sweet feature mind ;-)

The Archivist said...

Oops. I can be shaky on factual accuracy but do try and get at least the day of the week right. I blame the early start for a long weekend away. Apologies for any confusion.