Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Released in April this year on Matador Records, “Hippies” the second album from Austin, Texas trio Harlem is the follow-up to their self-released debut “Free Drugs” (can you see a theme there?). The song-writing and vocal duties on “Hippies” are evenly shared by Michael Coomer and Curtis O'Mara switching between guitar, vocals and drums on stage (and off) alongside recently-added bassist Jose Boyer.

There’s a loose kinship with label-mates Times New Viking but if the Ohio trio favour the noisy lofi end of the garage-rock spectrum, Harlem dwell at the pure pop end. The sixteen short ramshackle tunes on “Hippies” are infectiously joyous listening. By all accounts (well their record label’s at least) Harlem have a reputation of “making club gigs seem like living room shows” so it will be interesting to see how they fare with Fallowfield bar-the-size-of-a-living-room The Corner tonight.

With excellent support from Books, Hyacinth Girl and Brown Brogues. Advance tickets just £6 - don't rely on there being tickets on the door.

Hippies [BUY]

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