Thursday, November 19, 2009

TONIGHT IN MANCHESTER: Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band With Tim and Sam

Highly recommended to escape the wintry weather tonight in Manchester: the gorgeous instrumental post-folk of Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band With Tim and Sam.

Despite the tongue-twisting name I've always had a soft spot for Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band With Tim and Sam, since seeing them in 2007 at Cafe Saki with Liz Green and Bishop Allen. They'd sold out of their self-released 'Stepping Stones' EP but I managed to buy a CDR with colour photocopy insert from them which they assembled before my eyes. This cottage-industry DIY approach was charming but didn't prepare you for how good the music was. 2008 the saw the release of 'Put Your Slippers On' EP and then this year the release of 'Summer Solstice' - which I am sad to say I overlooked at the time.

Rough Trade Shops say it best as always:
It's a wonderful concoction which drifts effortlessly on the summer breeze, and recalls Sufjan Stevens in its spine-tingling simplicity. The four-piece's sprightly, windswept folk mines a seam which is reminiscent of Fence mainstays such as James Yorkston, while also being a close cousin of Shady Bard. Their slow-burning, pastoral sounds are expansive and littered with psych-folk flourishes, leaving you quietly swooning like watching blossom fall from the trees.

Tonight TSTSBTS (is this acceptable?) play The Bay Horse (Thomas St, Northern Quarter M4) with support from The Momeraths and The Search Map. Details are scarce - can't find any advance tickets, event listing or price on the door but I'd guess you should aim to arrive for 8pm with some spare cash in your pocket. And expect a proper cosy 'night-in' whatever the weather outside.

And if you can't make this gigs in Watford, London, Oxford and Sheffield coming up.

Stepping Stones EP
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