Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Trails and Tribulations of In The City Live: Sunday

The annual music industry jamboree In The City rolls into Manchester this weekend. Alongside a whole series of panel discussions and debates about future of the record industry is three day's worth of over 150 gigs (some reports suggest over 300) including many unsigned bands. "The final line-ups and downloadable grids for ITC Live 2009 are now available here" says ITC website but it's not very user-friendly, full of typos and with no links to any music. With this many gigs and this much music (plus other gigs this weekend: The Miserable Rich and Soap & Skin for starters), it's easy to get lost or give up.

So based on personal bias and at least 20 minutes of internet research here is my suggested itinerary for the first day of ITC Live for the lazy. Remember: all timings are approximate AND following this means you could miss out on dozens of other bands.

2.45pm Start at the Bay Horse for Eleanor Lou (alternative: Christopher Eatough at Space at 3pm - but allow 10 minutes to get to Nexus for...)
3.45pm Wu Lyf at Nexus Art Cafe (listen to Heavy Pop demo)
4.25pm LR Rockets then Don't Wait Animate at 5.25pm both at Dry Bar
6.20pm My First Tooth then Stagecoach at 7.10 both at Space
8pm Sweet Baboo at Cellar Vie (alternative Air Cav at The Garratt; Sweet Baboo is playing on Monday)
9pm Egyptian Hip Hop at Night & Day (alternatives: Beat The Radar at 8.30pm at The Garratt or Copy Haho at 8.30pm at TV21)
10.15pm Cate Le Bon Cellar Vie
10.40 Kong at Deaf Institute

If you here for Saturday (today) which seems be a pre-ITC day, a trail isn't required. I'd suggest you simply camp out in Night & Day for Little Red Rabbit's free show case 12-4pm (Fuzzy Lights, Anna Kashfi, Crazy Man Michael) followed by Everything Everything and Help Stamp Out Loneliness plus support from 8pm. With maybe a quick trip to see The Angel Hurricane at Nexus Art Cafe between the two.

Monday and Tuesday trails to follow tomorrow.

We Got Tazers! from Helsinki Films on Vimeo.

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