Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TONIGHT IN MANCHESTER: William Fitzsimmons

Willam Fitzsimmon’s biog seems to go out of the way to suggest an ‘other-ness’, to suggest how strange he is: born to blind parents , brought up in a house filled with sounds but with limited social interaction; spending years working as a mental health therapist. But if you are a fan of Sufjan Stevens or Iron and Wine, Fitzsimmons is less an oddity and more of a musical fellow traveller. Like them he sings sparse, intimate, folky songs that can make the hairs on your neck stand up – and like Sam Beam he has a damn impressive beard.

Tonight he plays the second night of his short UK tour at Night & Day to promote second (proper studio) album “Goodnight” with support from and Denis Jones and Christopher Eatough. Tickets only £6 in advance.

William Fitzsimmons
Goodnight [BUY]

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