Friday, June 26, 2009


Mr M of South London who secured me that advance copy of Pere Ubu's Bring Me The Head of Ubu Roi radio play has managed many things I never have. One is getting his name in the list of credits on records, mainly for his photography as well as his enthusiastic championing of certain artists. Matthew of Song By Toad (blog/record label - I encourage you to visit both) recently and deservedly got a name-check on Broken Records' debut " Until The Earth Begins To Part".

Deeply envious of both of them and not being a musician (or photographer), I realise I will have to work very hard to get such a credit. Or will I? Here are two tantalising alternative routes from James Yorkston and Kristin Hersh.

Later this summer James is releasing "Folk Songs" a new album in collaboration with The Big Eyes Family Players:

The album comes out on August 10th, but it can be pre-ordered now, as a limited edition 3 disc set, all for £20 from HERE. What’s included? Limited to 1000 copies CD album; CD album of live session with alternate takes and different tracks; full length DVD of live session; Poster. Not good enough? Well how about….

If you order your Special Edition before 6th July, you can have your name included on the Special Edition artwork! That’s pretty exciting. Now, at the Homegame Festival a fortnight ago, a guy came up to me and told me he was going to order it and have his daughter’s name put on the artwork. That’s true paternal love for you. I wouldn’t for a moment suggest that those of you who don’t do that are bad parents, of course. Nice idea though. Alternatively, you could have your partners name on. Or your dog. Or cat, even.

Sod the pets and children, if I'm paying for it, it's MY name that's going on it.

The other alternative is from Kristin Hersh who opted out of all her recording contracts in 2007 and has been entirely financed by her fans since then including the Strange Angels scheme:

Strange Angels are people who financially support Kristin’s work in return for things like free music downloads, free tickets to gigs, free CDs and access to special content. This financial support can take the form of a simple quarterly subscription - or even fancier things like studio visits and executive producer credits.

Strange Angel Level: $30 per quarter - Buy
In addition to the free music and media files, all subscribers in good standing will also receive:
• 2 spots on the guest list to any Kristin, Throwing Muses or 50FOOTWAVE performances • all new Kristin CDs ahead of the release date• access to a media-rich Subscriber’s Page featuring live bootlegs, video links, and more.

We also offer Special Opportunities to listeners who want to support Kristin’s work at a higher financial level including:

Executive Producer Level Support: $5000 -
• In addition to all the above, Executive Producers receive an Executive Producer credit on Kristin’s next CD

Now I might struggle for $30 a quarter let alone $5000 so despite how tempting this is, it simply isn't realistic. And I have no supply-chain skills (photography, design, band mangement etc) to offer. Song by Toad got his credit through relentless championing of Broken Records, reviewing live gigs, plugging their early singles, recording sessions and offering to put them out on his label (before they went to 4AD). Now I don't have a record label or record sessions or have the audience reach Song By Toad does but I'm open to approaches. I am willing to put in some effort. I have both desperation and enthusiasm on my side. And I am prepared to whore this humble blog if that's what it takes:

Bands: I am available to EARN your respect and all I want in return is a little CREDIT.

Laurie Anderson
Home of the Brave [BUY]

James Yorkston
When The Haar Rolls In [BUY]

Kristin Hersh
Strange Angels [BUY]

Until The Earth Begins To Part [BUY]


Matthew said...

Fuck I never realised! I am buying my vinyl copy this weekend and I never realised the fuckers thanked me in person. I'm dead chuffed now!

The Archivist said...

Glad to be the bearer of good news!