Friday, April 10, 2009


When I asked Mr P if we were going to the see The Wave Pictures this Easter Bank holiday his response was "definitely definitely definitely". Given other commitments this month, this was good to hear. And it also turned out to be good news given how good - if short - this gig was.

Seeing The Wave Pictures were playing Manchester had the edge taken off slightly: firstly they were playing The Roadhouse with its occasionally iffy sound; and then secondly they were touring in advance of the new album ('If You Leave It Alone' coming out 4 May). However I'm glad to report the sound tonight was spot-on plus the set took in a range of songs old and new, including two I cannot place (any assistance gratefully appreciated), with the new album on sale early to boot.
Even if on record The Wave Pictures can at times be a bit too casual (if 'Instant Coffee Baby' was sequenced differently, lost two tracks and included the earlier single 'We Dress Up Like Snowmen'/'Now We Are Pregnant' it would have been the hands-down Album of the Year), I had forgotten just how good they are live. The make-up-the-set-list approach might be a bit casual, their playing certainly isn't. The drumming is phenomenally tight, the bass-playing over this fluid, almost jazz-like and David's guitar playing soulful and intense by turns. It all combines beautifully and even songs on the new album like 'Tiny Craters in the Sand' which on record are more whimisical are given extra muscle live. Potentially the best live band in the UK??

Sadly with a club night following, the gig was curfewed early and the band finished a ten song set without even an encore. Highlights for me included 'Friday Night in Loughborough' and new song 'Strawberry Cables' plus drummer Jonny singing 'Now You Are Pregnant'. Towards the end of the set the travelling Geordie contingent in the crowd joined in the singing on 'Our Perfect Lovers' with comic effect and rude words. Getting their revenge for their claim The Wave Pictures never play Newcastle? David's response "it's a long way from Loughborough".

The Set List:
Canary Wharf
("I was drunk and I was blind")
Friday Night In Loughborough
Tiny Craters In The Sand
I Swam Out To Greet You
Strawberry Cables
Now You Are Pregnant
("She had cinnamon on the tip of her tongue")
Our Perfect Lovers
Leave That Scene Behind

The UK tour continues until 15 April with some dates in Spain following. The band are back in June with a date at The Deaf Institute already on sale. Do not miss.

The Wave Pictures
Instant Coffee Baby [BUY]

The Wave Pictures
If You Leave It Alone [BUY]


georgethe23rd said...

Great review, which I've linked to and briefly quoted from at the unofficial Wave Pictures gigography I'm attempting: Thanks

The Archivist said...

Thanks for link and delighted to be briefly quoted. But only 'unofficial'?! The campaign to make it official starts here...

Anonymous said...

btw "i was drunk and i was blind" is the song "blind drunk" and its here;