Friday, March 20, 2009


Tomorrow night is the first gig from the New Ears team: "A night of bands, DJ’s, drinking and dancing @ Saki Bar, MANCHESTER, 7pm – very late" AND "Cheap cocktails".

Headling are O CHILDREN
Take you pick from “Psychedelic post-punk with a gaze of the shoe about it…this noirist quartet are a must-see live band.” [NME] OR "Like a giant Grace Jones, with the brooding post-punk authorial voice of Ian Curtis, Tobias of O CHILDREN delivers a booming exercise in how to perform a static dictatorship, as his band play a set of whirling melodies". [Artrocker]

Also on the bill Citizens, Egyptian Hip Hop, Sir Yes Sir and DJ’s from: May68, Natalie Esquire, New Ears, Super Super. All for £4. Don't think there are advance tickets so best to get their early.

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