Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have felt a connection with Rose Dougall ever since this blog was used as a citation on her Wikipedia page. Having seen her twice before tonight (both in British Sea Power-related support slots) it is good to report both her (and her band's) continuing confidence and the fact she listened to what I advised last time. Namely, she is now foresaking sitting down behind her keyboard meekly but is acting like a proper front woman. Even a bit vampy tonight. And all the better for it even if not musically my cup of camomille.

I spent the first part of Seal Cub Clubbing Club's set as well as appreciating it, racking my brains as to who they were supporting last time I saw them. I think the answer is New Rhodes at Night Day probably 3 if not 4 years ago. Which makes me wonder just how young this fresh-faced five piece must have appeared then. My recollection was arty and spiky guitar pop - a sort of younger brother to The Young Knives say. But tonight they are more diverse in sound, more ambitious and more experimental: if they came from Brooklyn rather than West Kirby it wouldn't be a surprise and they would have critics slavering. Definitely worth seeing again and hearing more.

British Sea Power appear refreshed and fit after their Xmas break. Tonight and tomorrow's gig in Derby appear to be some kind of low-key step into 2009. The set is familiar to anyone who saw them on last autumn's tour and they are as well drilled as ever - but with the odd mistake along the way just to show they've had some time off. Sadly no new songs tonight but given it was Valentine's Day we did get an impromptu cover of Love Me Tender sung by Noble and Hamilton.

I didn't think the sound at the Academy was that good during the support acts - came across as quite leaden and sludgey (and at the quiet bits you could hear the other gig taking place in the second space! Reel Big Fish by the way). But by the time BSP took to the stage the sound definitely worked with not against them. Took a bit of time for both band and crowd to warm up - and if there were no great surprises and the lack of a frenetic ending it was nonetheless highly enjoyable. So. When ARE we going to hear some new songs?

The Set List:
A Wooden Horse
Apologies To Insect Life
Larsen B
Down On The Ground
A Lovely Day Tomorrow
True Adventures
Waving Flags
The Great Skua
Love Me Tender
No Lucifer
How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?
Canvey Island
Spirit of St Louis
Lights Out For Darker Skies/Rock in A

British Sea Power
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