Saturday, December 27, 2008

Can't Believe What I'm Hearing.....

Having seen Matt Eaton play live here and here, I was expecting the album to be similar: simple, unadorned folksy songs, just voice and acoustic guitar. The opening seconds to first song 'Can't Believe What I'm Hearing' show just how wrong I was: harp, cymbals and a orchestral flourish accompany ethereal female vocals - it's like the Tony Hatch Orchestra fired into outer space by Joe Meek - before dropping to silence and then Matt's world-weary monotone comes in. Accompanied by strings and piano and occasional trumpet. It is a shockingly good opening to a little gem of an album.

Matt's previous band Actress Hands were by all accounts noisy alt-rockers in a Dinosaur Jr vein. Difficult to credit when hearing this album. Matt categorises his music on his Myspace page as 'Healing & Easy Listening / Country / Showtunes' and cites Richard Harris's 60s and 70s recordings as inspiration. And this is a good guide to what you hear: warm, lush orchestral pop lovingly recorded as though from a bygone era but feeling utterly fresh. The prosaic kitchen-sink title really does not do justice to the ten track album.

So I'd urge you to add this to your collection. And if you need a further incentive see the above from the Drift Records newsletter:
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Go here now and do the right thing.

Matt Eaton
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