Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Only heard about this on Monday - a true anti-folk 'no-promotion-just-between-friends' affair?

Whilst starting to write a post about Matt Eaton, I came across a chance comment where he said that said "then opening up for Major Matt Mason USA in Cheltenham's Slak Bar on the 24th. Which means I have to miss The Sadies in Brighton. Again, you can't have it all". Quick visit to MMM's myspace page reveals not just Cheltenham but a UK TOUR including Tiger Lounge in Manchester tonight (other tour dates here).

Of course, no flyers or posters seem to exist; and I couldn't find tickets on sale ANYWHERE. After much searching managed to cobble together the following info:
- Tickets are either £4 or £5 (I think), pay on the door (I hope)
- Support is from Jam on Bread and Cookie Cutterr (both Manchester-based, both new to me, both sound highly immersed in the anti-folk aesthetic)
- Tears on the Golfcourse appear to have a hand in this - who may be musicians/DJs/promoters or all of the above
- The event has been put on (here) but at the time of writing only one person is intending to go.

At least everyone agrees the venue is Tiger Lounge, Cooper Street, Manchester M2 2FW tel 0161 236 6007 (even if they are not listing it on their Myspace page).

It sounds like a fantastic night (if you like whiny introspection - and who doesn't?) but also feels like an exclusive party I happened to overhear about and now I really, really want a proper invitation.

Major Matt Mason USA
Me Me Me [BUY]

Major Matt Mason USA
Honey Are You Ready For The Ballet? [BUY]

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