Monday, January 07, 2008


Well if you are going to have to do it this is the way to do it. At Manchester's Zavvi* today, British Sea Power performed a live set then signed copies of the new single Waving Flags released today. Sometimes these affairs can be a bit soulless, a bit embarrassing. However BSP showed how it should be done by treating the instore as a gig.

In the basement of the store there is a small raised stage which meant BSP could play proper amplified set. So approx 200 queued in the (soulless) shopping centre before being 'escorted' by security staff down to the basement area and then got just short of 40 minutes of BSP live. Not some half-hearted acoustic strum-along but a full-on if short-in-duration set. They played:

Lights Out For Darker Skies
No Lucifer
Down On The Ground
Waving Flags
The Spirit of St Louis/Scottish Wildlife Experience/Rock in A

And then they signed stuff:

Waving Flags 7" single cover

Sticker that comes with Waving Flags CD single

*See here for Pop Justice 'briefing' on Zavvi

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