Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Malcolm Middleton played Fopp in Manchester this lunchtime. Appeared a bit uncomfortable at whole idea of 'promotional in-store tour' but played a great 25 minute acoustic set.

We're Going to Die
A Brighter Beat
Fuck It, I Love New
Total Belief
Loneliness Shines
Stay Close Sit Tight
The Devil & The Angel

'Loneliness Shines' was a request (skipping over the request for 'Cold Winter'). 'Total Belief' is a new song "which will probably be on the next album". It was jaw-droppingly brilliant and should be rush released as a single now I say.

Malcolm (again uncomfortably) signed some stuff.

And I got a freebie balloon to take home too.

Tour dates here. Malcolm and band play Manchester's Life Cafe on 22 March. Tickets here.

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