Thursday, December 14, 2006


The Delgados called it a day in April this year with this announcement. Having seen them play Manchester only a few weeks before, with the band in high spirits despite hangovers, it came as a bit of a surprise.

Saw The Delgados three times in all. The first at Union Chapel was the best. Supported by Six By Seven, the church setting plus the intensity of the band was startling.

Their biggest gig? Live orchestral accompaniment at the Royal Festival Hall with blinding light show. With a venue that big it was unlikely to match Union Chapel but was still pretty impressive. However I was so drunk I don't even rememeber ISB being part of the bill (Or just stuck in the bar?).

I don't think anything they recorded matched "The Great Eastern". With all their recordings, but this one in particular, they deserve to be remembered as more than simply "Peel favourites".

"Blackwell" from 'The Complete BBC Sessions'

"Russian Orthodox" from 'Peloton'

"American Trilogy" from 'The Great Eastern'

"Knowing When To Run" from 'The Great Eastern'


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